North Pole

The Earth is a giant magnet has two poles so that the compass will always point to the north and south. Nevertheless the location of the poles are not fixed. According to scientists, Earth’s magnetic north pole moves from Canada to Siberia significantly.

Magnetic poles of the Earth is formed by liquid iron in Earth’s core. The location and direction different from the geographic pole is the Earth’s rotation axis.

Scientists have long known that Earth’s magnetic poles move to a different location. However, why this movement occurs is still unknown. “This is probably part of normal movement and gradually going back to Canada,” said Joseph Stoner, a professor of paleomagnetik from Oregon State University in the American Geophysical Union meeting, Thursday .

Previous studies have shown that the Earth’s magnetic strength decreased 10 percent in the last 150 years. While Stone’s latest analysis shows that during this period, the north magnetic pole is also moving as far as 1100 kilometers from the North Pole. Nevertheless, the possible loss of magnetic properties is very small.

Earth’s north magnetic pole was first discovered in 1831 and when measured again in 1904, researchers found that the location has been moved as far as 50 kilometers. According to the researchers Oregon, the magnetic pole’s movement rate increased last century compared to previous centuries.

For centuries, a guide who uses a compass direction must learn to adjust the difference between magnetic north direction to the direction of Earth’s geographic north. Therefore, a compass will point toward magnetic north rather than toward the North Pole. A compass reading north in Oregon, for example, indicates the direction of 17 degrees east of the North Pole.

To determine the movement of Earth’s magnetic pole, Stoner and other scientists studying the sediment was recorded from several lakes in the Arctic. These sediments record the Earth’s magnetic field at any given time. Scientists are using carbon detectors to track changes in the magnetic field.

That’s how they found that the magnetic north direction changed significantly in the last 1000 years. Changes to move between northern Canada and Siberia, but sometimes in a different direction.


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