Himalaya Mountains

The Himalayas are the highest mountains and most difficult areas in the world. Compared to the fourteen highest peaks in the world, none is more famous than Mount Everest, even synchronized with the extraordinary human struggle against nature.

Map of the Himalayas showed that the mountains which stretches across six countries in isolation, but many of the main peak in the Tibetan border to the west, where it will meet with Nepal. Here you will find two of the most famous mountains, the Himalaya mountain, K2, last seen far more difficult to climb. Although the map showed several peaks of the Himalayas pegununan there in the land of China, the peak cloudy in Xinjang actually only a few thousand shorter than Mount Everest.

For those who are able to climb the climbing-climbing short, there are thousands of peaceful lakes which can be found in the Himalayas, the largest is the Pangong, and located on the Nepal-China border. However only a few points which allowed the climbing into the Himalayas to climb. The easiest route (of course this is relatively once) are the branches of the Silk Road, the path and Nathula Jelep Ja.

Although most of the tourists who visit China not too interested in climbing to the top of these giant mountains, sometimes traveling up to climb these mountains, but trekking to the Himalayas is most inadvisable. Even the smallest peak is often too difficult for even experienced climbers, and any trip is to be prepared the best possible way the previous day, not to mention all kinds of equipment must be available at the foot of the mountains of China. Most base camp located on the border of Tibet, one of which became its center called the Everest Base Camp. Located on the road between Lhasa and Kodari, this camp, together with the adjacent guest house, built for those who want to get the closest view of the mountains towering above. Unfortunately, for most people of the Himalayas was only to be used for scenery alone. Lost in the snow at its peak, the mountain is indeed an incomparable with any other mountain in the world, for the true lovers of nature will continue to try to find the road to the foot of these mountains, feel the freshness and splendor of natural scenery is gorgeous.


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