South Pole

South Pole

In an attractive natural supernatural magic shows greatness: in the extreme cold of natural snow unexpectedly miraculously there is a lake that is not frozen. South pole is a world inhabited not snow people, has the term “white continent”.

At the south pole, as far as the eye could see, looked smooth one broad expanse of white snow and the Glittering silver light. The land covering 14 million square kilometers, almost entirely covered by thick snow, hundreds of thousands of meters, the temperature of 50-60 degrees C below zero, making everything that is here to lose the power of life and function of the original. Petroleum freezing here like asphalt concrete becomes a solid black color, while kerosene into the material here does not burn because it does not reach the flash point.

However, an interesting natural magic shows magic amazing brilliance: in the natural snow, extreme cold was beyond belief that there is a lake is not frozen. Issues surrounding the lake is not frozen, the scientists suggested a variety of estimates and expectations, but until now there is no one any scientist who can provide a satisfactory and convincing conclusions. The lake is not frozen at the south pole is indeed very mysterious, if you want to uncover this veil of mystery still need further research.

Most of the area covered by the Antarctic ice sheet is very thick, reaching an average thickness of 1880 meters and a layer of ice in a large area reaching more than 4000 meters, so-called “land of ice and snow.” The climate in the mainland’s south pole is very cold, average temperature per year is only -25 degrees C, the lowest temperature reached -90 degrees C, because it is also called “extreme cold world.”

However, precisely on the ground that was covered with ice and cold winters, there is the lake did not freeze, really confusing. At last in 1960, after which Japanese scholars have analyzed the measurement data, water temperature beneath the surface of thin ice Lapian around 0 degrees C, along with the increasing levels of depth, water temperature continues to rise. At a depth of 16 meters long, the water temperature rose 7.7 degrees C. This continues a steady temperature lasted until kedalamam 40 meters. Below 40 meters, the water temperature slowly rises. And at a depth of 50 meters, the rate of temperature increase suddenly jumped precipitously. Up to 66 meters deep at the base, beyond a doubt the water temperature reaches 25 degrees C, not much different from the temperature at the surface Dongha in the summer. How is the lake did not freeze in very cold environments in the south pole of this, really confusing.

In the period 1974-1976, where the images were recorded many times from an artificial earth satellite, the scientists found that in nature there is the south polar continental ice of a lake that does not freeze an area of approximately 480.36 thousand square meters. This lake sometimes appear and sometimes invisible. In earlier 1981, the former Soviet Union countries and the United States to send survey team to the south pole that formed 26 personnel. They are looking for a position lakes were based on the instructions of the recorded satellite photos, but not found. The survey team found only air bubbles are innumerable with a rather high temperature in the waters of these lakes are not frozen.

Why there are not frozen in the lake’s south pole? After this strange phenomenon was announced, immediately attract the scientists, they do in-depth investigation of this matter and put forward their views. Some argue that it is the result of mixing between temperature and atmospheric pressure under certain conditions. According to them, that in the south polar region, because dikedalaman 500 meters of sea water does not directly come into contact with cold air, the water temperature is higher than the surface temperature. Effect of the temperature difference this makes the sea water to produce movements that focus vertically, thus eventually forming a vortex.

Relying on the strength of this vortex, the seawater at a depth of 500 meters and then rolled up above sea level, then became a lake is not frozen.

And according to another view, that in the region adjacent to the sea at the south pole, there are a number of salt water hole. The holes of the salty water can spread the heat energy, and thus freeze into giant icebergs. When the weight of the ice chunks are too big, then all his iceberg would sink to the seabed. Under the pressure of a huge chunk of ice, ocean water temperature is higher in deep layers will rise to the surface, then become a lake is not frozen. After the lake water in contact several times with cold air, lake water is then become the giant iceberg, so the lake does not freeze it vanished.

Even some scientists suspect: that beneath the south polar ice sheets, it is likely there is a secret base built aliens, those who spread the heat energy in the place of their activities so that the melted ice here.


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