Soka beach Tabanan Bali

Location Soka Beach is located in the quiet village, district Selemadeg, Tabanan regency. Located on the main road that connects with Denpasar Jembrana. Distance from Denpasar, about 45 km and from Gilimanuk approximately 84 km. Vehicle across the road is very crowded from morning until night, because it also as the only road connecting Java and Bali. Soka east coast have a cave in a rock cliff, called Goa please change the Power which is inhabited by many swiftlet. On the west side of coconut plantation stretching along the coast, here is there an inn “Balian Beach Bungalow” and the river (Tukad) Balian is a place “Rafting” Soka Beach Bali’s best known since long, because roads impassable by the Denpasar-Gilimanuk .

The situation is very beautiful scenery, bordered by the hills of the western section concatenated into one with Batukaru Mountains in the north. In the eastern part of Mount Agung and Mount looks Batukaru and in the south, is the Indonesian Ocean. On the west side faintly in the distance looks Blambangan (Banyuwangi) in Java. Paddy fields and lush palm gardens add to the beauty here. More so in the afternoon when the sun goes down, on top of Pura Luhur Serijong very similar to the situation in Tanah Lot tourism.

Besides its natural beauty, Soka Beach also harbored a thousand and one wonders of nature with ancient tales. There are a rock surrounded by sand and sea water, measuring approximately 3 m, is called “Payuk Kebo Iwa.” Payuk means pot, so that is the pot of Kebo Iwo. On the Western side, beside the Pura Luhur Serijong, there are rocks just like the native kitchen, measuring approximately 1 x 20 m. Kebo Iwa There they use pot to cook with it.

Viewed from the eyes of laymen, this is very reasonable. Large pot and Kebo Iwo supposedly according to legend was a youth of Bali with a high body size large, sturdy and powerful. Pura Luhur Serijong, built almost simultaneously with the Pura Hair Siwi in Jembrana and Pura Tanah Lot, at the XVI century AD by Pedanda Bawu Rauh, and have the same status.

Union of beauty and panoramic views of the hills atmosphere of the southern tip of Bali and its waves, as well as away from noise create a peaceful atmosphere of this object, and visitors will feel at home enjoying the natural atmosphere of the atmosphere is peaceful and soothing feeling. The beach scene was really very eksoktik and romantic feelings and that can be thrilling when visiting this site, I’m sure you want to return here


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