It turned out that Indonesia Have World’s Smallest Orchid

Indonesia is known as a country with biodiversity, another one has been found in orchids of the genus sp Oberonia size 1.1 mm – 1.5 mm which is the smallest in the world.

Researchers from the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), Destario Metusala, who has found in its exploration in the Mentawai Islands. “During this time the world’s smallest orchid is in Ecuador with a size of 2 mm – 2.1 mm,” said Destario Metusala in electronic mail, Saturday, (29 / 5).

Thus, he said, may be clarified that for the time being the smallest orchid in the world record held by orchids from Ecuador had defeated Oberonia sp orchids from the Mentawai Islands.

However, according to him, it should be noted that he was not in a position to claim Oberonia this sp as the smallest orchid in the world, because it needs more scientific study. “But at least, while we can be proud because Indonesia has shifted positions orchids orchids from Ecuador who previously claimed as the smallest orchid in the world,” he said.

According Destario, orchids obtained in exploration in the Mentawai Islands, recently, it has less commercial value among orchid enthusiasts. However, he said, from the standpoint of botany, orchid that has a value of knowledge that are invaluable.

Destario say, from observations through a microscope, looks orchid sp Oberonia has bright orange flowers, and inflorescence arranged in a series of hundreds of flower bulbs are regularly arranged in a spiral pattern.

“It will possibly be found orchids with a smaller size of the wilderness of Indonesia, considering there are still many species Oberonia sp in Indonesia that have not been studied further,” he said.


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