7 Wonders of the Tourism Indonesia

1. Borobudur Temple

2. Kuta Beach Bali

3. White Sand Beach in Lombok

4. Komodo National Park

5. Mount Bromo

6. Tours of Mount Salak

7. Lake Toba

Indonesia Tourism

1.Borobudur Temple

Many theories attempt to explain the name of this temple. One of them states that the name is probably derived from the word Sambharabhudhara, which means “mountain” (bhudara) where the slopes situated terraces. In addition there are some other folk etymology. Suppose that the word comes from the greeting Borobudur “the Buddha” who due to sound shifts to Borobudur. Another explanation is that the name derives from two words “coal” and “beduhur”. The word supposedly comes from the embers of the monastery, while there is also another explanation where the coal comes from Sanskrit which means temple or monastery complex and beduhur meaning is “high”, or to remind the Balinese language means “above”. So the point is a monastery or hostel located on high ground.

Historian J.G. de Casparis in his dissertation to obtain his doctorate in 1950 argued that Borobudur is a place of worship. Based on the inscriptions and Kahulunan Karangtengah, Casparis estimate, founder of the Borobudur was named king of the dynasty Syailendra Samaratungga around 824 AD The giant new buildings can be completed at the time of her daughter, Queen Pramudawardhani. Borobudur Development estimated a half-century time-consuming.

2.Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach is a tourist spot located in the south of Denpasar, the capital of Bali, Indonesia. Kuta is located in Badung Regency. This area is a tourist destination abroad, and has been a mainstay of Bali as a tourist attraction since the early 70s. Kuta Beach is often referred to as sunset beach (sunset beach) as opposed to the Sanur beach.

In Kuta there are many shops, restaurants and washing and drying themselves. Besides the beauty of its beach, Kuta beach also offers various other types of entertainment such as bars and restaurants along the beach to Legian beach. Rosovivo, Ocean Beach Club, Kamasutra, are some of the most crowded clubs along the beach of Kuta.

This beach also has a pretty good waves for surfing sports (surfing), especially for beginner surfers. Field I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport is located not far from Kuta.

3.White Sand Beach Lombok

Kuta Beach in Bali fame name into products that can be sold to both national and foreign tourists. But you know, in the island of West Nusa Tenggara have Segara Kuta Beach that beauty does not fail with Kuta Beach in Bali.

To reach the coast of the Sea, located in Central Lombok regency, the trip can be gone for an hour by road from Mataram, West Nusa Tenggara provincial capital

The beach is visible blue green roof ditepikan white sand interspersed with blue sky and white clouds make this beach is quite beautiful to enjoy. Besides still quiet, this beach when I visit there there was only one foreign tourist was learning to surf. Unfortunately, access to the beach is less good. To reach the beach entrance is pretty good, paved road with a left-right arrangement of street landscape planted with palm tree king. This arrangement is a consequence seems Novotel hotel which is located not far from the beach with a natural style buildings.

Lack of visitors to this place probably is not out of lack of promotion. Plus, a bomb blast in Bali was as a sign of death surinya world tourism. But striking is the lack of adequate management infrastructure to reach the shore. Perhaps if the situation was gradually restored, the local government will manage it better to make this beach is more neat and beautiful.

Many tourist attractions can be visited before arriving at this shore, among other native Sasak tribe villages namely Sade Village. Village has more than 400 years old this beauty of a past still present. Custom homes roof “damen (java).” Floor of the house that still routinely plastered with buffalo dung, which is believed capable of casting out demons in order not to kidnap girls.

In addition to ward Sade, we can visit a special village that made / unique fabric weave their tribes. Unfortunately because of time limits my step, this village did not have time I visit, hoping that other time was given the opportunity to visit the island of Lombok again.

4.Komodo National  Park

Komodo National Park consists of three large islands of Komodo, Rinca and Padar islands and 26 islands, large and small. A total of 11 pieces of the mountain / hill in the Park with the highest peak is Mount Satalibo (± 735 m asl). This national park land area 603 km ² and the total area is 1817 km ².

Natural state makes a dry and arid its uniqueness. The existence of a vast savanna, water resources are limited and temperatures hot enough, it is a type of habitat favored by the ancient animal Komodo dragons (Varanus komodoensis).
Most of this national park is savanna with palm trees (Borassus flabellifer) the most dominant and distinctive. Some existing plants in the Park, among others, of rattan (Calamus sp.), Bamboo (Bambusa sp.), Tamarind (Tamarindus indica), bulging (Sterculia foetida), lote (Ziziphus jujuba), and mangrove (Rhizophora sp.)

In addition to typical Komodo wildlife, there are deer (Cervus timorensis floresiensis), wild boar (Sus scrofa), ajag (Cuon alpinus javanicus), wild horse (Equus qaballus), wild buffalo (Bubalus bubalis); two kinds of turtles, 10 species of dolphins , six types of whales and dugongs are often seen in marine waters of Komodo National Park

Indonesian people are asked to give as much support as possible to the Komodo National Park in Flores, Manggarai, East Nusa Tenggara to be one of the seven wonders of the world.

With this community support votes for the election of Nasioan Park Komodo is one of seven keajaban world.

Head of Culture and Tourism Office in Kupang, NTT Gulam Husein, said that not only residents but the entire people of Indonesia NTT as a nation that has a number of unique world, requested support for the election of the Park became world wonders.

According to Gulam there are 77 candidates for world wonders. But that number will be selected from seven of the most popular and unique in the world, as the wonders of the world.

5.Mount Bromo

MouBromo is one tourist destination in East Java. These natural attractions are located in the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park in the eastern city of Malang, East Java. Visitors not only local tourists, even many who come from abroad. With the typical scenery makes Bromo worthy destination. What are the privileges of  Mount Bromo

Regular visitors visiting this area since the early days with the purpose to see the rising sun. To view them, you have to climb Mount Pananjakan which is the highest mountain in the region. Field which must pass to get to Mount Pananjakan a heavy field. To reach the foot of Mount Pananjakan, you have to go through the desert-like area that can make you get lost. We had to climb Mount Pananjakan, narrow roads and lots of sharp turns would require a high driving skill. For that reason, many visitors who choose to rent a car Hardtop (jeep type) driven by the community. Surrounding communities come from Tengger tribe friendly with the visitors.

Up above, there are many shops serving coffee or hot tea and a bonfire to warm bodies tebitnya time while waiting for the sun. There are also stores that rent warm clothing. Watching the sunrise is an interesting event. The proof, the visitors are willing to wait since five o’clock in the morning facing east so as not to lose this moment. You were not always able to see this event, because if the cloudy sky, the appearance of the sun is not seen clearly. However, when the sky is clear, you can see the roundness of the sun in the first place only as small as a match pins, slowly enlarge and eventually form a full circle and give information so that we can see mountains scenery in this area. Among others, Mount Bromo, Mount Batok, or Mount Semeru is the highest mountain in Java Island.
Bromo crater and Ocean Sand

Done see the sunrise, you can go back down the mountain and headed for Mount Bromo Pananjakan. Sunlight can make you see the scenery around. Apparently you go through the sea of sand which covers 10 km ². Arid areas filled with sand and only a little overgrown with dried grasses. Gust of wind, making the sand fly and can be difficult for you to breathe.

To reach the foot of Mount Bromo, you can not use the vehicle. Instead, you must hire a horse with a price of USD 70 000, – or if you feel strong, you can choose to walk. But, it should be noted that walking is not easy, because the sun is blazing, long distance, the flying dust can make travel more difficult.

Now, you have to climb the stairs that number reached 250 stairs to see the crater of Mount Bromo. At the top of Bromo is 2392 m high above sea level, you can see the crater of Mount Bromo that emits smoke. You can also cast your gaze downwards, and saw the sea of sand with a temple in the middle. It’s really incredibly rare and extraordinary that we can enjoy.

6.Tours of Mount Salak

Visiting the open air is always full of surprises. There is only experience that could be picked. No matter how bitter or sweet, it will imprint on the chest. Especially when enjoyed with family. A sweet memory which sadly thrown away.
Try just saw Howard Utomo family. This harmonious family seemed to enjoy any “surprises” in Birdwatching in Mount Salak Protected Forest. Event tourism is a family and youth outing agenda Companion Birds of Indonesia (SBI). A bird watcher group under the auspices of BirdLife Indonesia.

In the event that Howard did not think the family could participate as a witness. Through the help of binoculars, their eyes fell upon a rare sight. Seeing an eagle java (Spizaetus bartelsi) in the open.

“Yes, clearly proud of dong. We are a family could be involved directly see the eagle java. Moreover, this bird reportedly including rare species, “said Howard Utomo, the head of the family. Indeed this is the first time the Howard family contiguity with java in the wild hawk. Usually, they saw a bird of prey is through reading material and television.

Javanese eagle spark excitement is not met the family belonged to Howard alone but contagious until all the participants of this unique tour. They whooped with delight a rare treat. “A surprise to be grateful,” they say. As a result the spirit increasingly encouraged to observe other wildlife species.

It can happen thanks to the foresight of all some of the participants. When resting in the parking lot belongs to a geothermal project of Unocal Geothermal Indonesia, Ltd. (UGI), their eyes caught two black shadows. Floating in space using hot air. After investigation, it turned out very well the second bird is a hawk java.
In addition to observing eagles java, binoculars they caught the figure of cica-java ulceration (Megalurus palustris), laying the stone-fly (Hirundo tahitica) and the eagle-serpent eagle (Spilornis cheela). The birds-wiri officers flew over the green carpet of tea plantations in the border gate this UGI.

Keep watch
Travel tour, this time not only to bear sweet memories, but it is unique. Why not, we must remain vigilant against the threat of H2S gas attack during this Awibengkok peek at the animals. Very stimulating smell of gas was of the kind of dangerous. When inhaled, it can be fatal in an instant. Naturally, these geothermal projects can not be separated from this gas.

“When grades below 10 ppm (parts per million), this gas still smell like rotten eggs. But the above figures, it no longer smelled. Because I had managed to damage the nervous system of smell us, “explained Dede Rhamdani, Support Facility Supervisor, UGI while welcoming the group.
But Dede ensure the safety of each participant. Because they will always be accompanied by field staff UGI. And also supplied a sophisticated gas detectors. This detector will sound automatically when the content of H2S in the air around exceeded 10 ppm.

Although impressed dangerous, but the area is very interesting Awibengkok crawled. High biodiversity. Also rich in wildlife that are listed as members of the “original” protected forest. According to BirdLife Indonesia, Awibengkok home to about 127 species of birds. Seven of them endemic, this kind of hawk java.

7..Lake Toba

If your visit to Disneyland, you may be surprised to discover the lake was more like a sea than a lake. The atmosphere is cool and refreshing, beautiful scenery and charming, with mountains that surround this area may make you feel at home. Samosir Island is located proudly in the middle of the island. In the midst of Samosir, there is another lake, which adds to the uniqueness of this tourist spot.

Lake Toba measuring around 1700 square meters with a depth of approximately 450 meters. Located 906 meters above sea level, this place is a haven for many interesting plants. Some people who enjoy the view of sunrise and sunset in this region said that Lake Toba make them forget all their problems – even though for a while.

Getting There

By using a rental car from the city of Medan, Parapat you can reach within approximately four hours. Parapat is located about 185 kilometers away from the capital of North Sumatra. You can also use the bus or join a tour to visit this lake.

Where to Stay

Numerous inns and hotels is available at Parapat. Some hotels even provide facilities such as swimming pools and Jacuzzi to indulge guests.


You can go by boat to reach Samosir Island.

Dining Guide

Many restaurants are established in this area. You also can sample local food at your hotel or inn.

Lake Toba, North Sumatra. Photo: Paul Hofmann 1994


Souvenirs such as T shirts, caps, key chains, etc. you can buy at Medan, Parapat, or on the island of Samosir. At Tuk Tuk you can buy crafts unique Batak – for example ulos, unique carvings, Batak calendar, traditional musical instruments, and others.

Things to See or Do

You can swim in the lake, or climb the boat around the lake. You can also visit Samosir Island to see the traditional houses of Batak kings of ancient times was also the king’s tomb in the territory of Tomok. Golf courses are also available for sports like this one.


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