Grand Crayon

Grand Canyon is one of the world keajabian, a very high cliff-steep cliffs, carved by the Colorado River, in northern Arizona. Grand Canyon is 3.5 hours (193 kilometers) from the gambling town of Las Vegas to Canyon County. Earth requires approximately 1.7 billion years to form the Grand Canyon cliffs of this. Formation process through various periods of climate change, arising sinking continents, forming mountains, etc.. Indirectly this allows us to examine what is happening on earth for 1.7 billion years ago, judging from the layers of the cliff.

It was said that the Grand Canyon was first seen by Europeans in 1540. At the Grand Canyon there are some very famous cliff-cliff and beautiful to behold. Among these 3200-meter-deep Colca Canyon, Canyon Cotahuasi deep as 3535 meters. Jurangnya that in addition to the edge, the other interesting thing is the unique structure of the cliff, color and layers. Reportedly visitors tourists who come to the Grand Canyon to reach 5 million visitors annually. Truly amazed!

Then there is the phenomenon of art there is also a new architecture, there is a U-shaped building made of thick glass and transparent at the end of the Grand Canyon cliff edge. You can walk on it like you’re walking in the air above the cliffs that cheating is very deep. Can you feel the beauty there, but some people feel discomfort, walking on it, as they may fear of heights, etc.. To be able to enter this area you have to book a ticket and then use a layer of shoes (maybe sooner so as not to damage the glass floor there). To keep in mind also when you visit the Grand canyon in winter, so shall ye bring warm jackets layered to stay awake.


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