Lapindo Mud,sidoarjo indonesia

Scientists from various countries to announce the results of research on this weekend’s strongest form of evidence of the cause of the mudflow in Sidoarjo, East Java (East Java). According to them, mudflow was proven as a result of the process gas exploration drilling conducted by PT Lapindo Brantas.

The team led by Richard Davies of Durham University, UK, was declared to data released Lapindo is the basis of new evidence led to his team that drilling mudflow.

“We found the daily report of drilling one point stating Lapindo mud galiannya had pumped back to stop the mudflow. These efforts showed some success and create a flood of mud slowing, “said Davies.

“The fact that the mudflow slowed to evidence that the borehole was connected with the source mudflow,” said Davies. Members of the home team Curtin University, Australia, Mark Tingay, stating the reasons that the Lapindo mudflow caused by an earthquake does not make sense.

“The earthquake which they claim as the cause of mudflow has a trivial impact. The reason, the earthquake happened in Yogyakarta two days before the mud to overflow. Away from the mudflow site, about 250 km to the southwest point of overflowing, “says Tingay.

Previously, in 2008, Davies has stated that the mudflow caused by drilling activities of Lapindo.

Mudflow occurred first in 2006 and until now has forced around 60 thousand people displaced.

Lapindo’s drilling activity until now has denied causing mudflow that would not stop it. According to Lapindo, earthquakes cause mudflow. Lapindo even stated the study did not have a solid foundation.

The Supreme Court in 2009 that acquitted of all charges because of the Lapindo considered responsible for mudflow. Police have also stopped the investigation into the case.


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