leakage of oil in the Gulf of Mexico

Marine Pollution

Discover expert BP Oil Wells Near SeepageHouston, July 19, 2010 09:44

The engineers who monitor wells BP Plc, which is damaged in the Gulf of Mexico, to detect the existence of seepage on the ocean floor, which could mean trouble on the cover which stops gusher into the water. Thus the United States information officer

BP officials have reiterated his hope that the trial began Thursday posted the cover can be continued until the well can permanently close the leak channel next month. Oil gushed from deep sea wells Maconda for nearly three months, until a new cover installed last week.

But late Sunday, the U.S. government issued a letter to BP chief executive Bob Dudley Director of retired Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen who refers to the seepage at the well at a depth of 1.6 kilometers and the “gaffe that has not been ascertained at the top of the well.”

“I ask you to provide me with written procedures for the opening of the valve cover as soon as possible without damaging the well, if the hydrocarbon seepage near the top of the well confirmed,” writes Allen.

The worst oil leak in U.S. history has caused economic and environmental disaster in five states along the Gulf Coast, hurting support for President Barack Obama and complicating close relationship that has lasted a long time with England.

All concerns were certainly discussed when British Prime Minister David Cameron met with Obama in Washington, Tuesday. The plan has been prepared for BP to resume oil removal after completion of pressure tests on the well, which stretches four kilometers in the bottom of the ocean, to assess whether it can withstand the process of closing the leak.

But Doug Suttles, BP’s Chief Operating Officer, said the company now hopes to continue to cover the damaged wells until the well was completed in August and channel leaks closed with “heavy drilling” mud and cement.

“We hope that if the signs are encouraging to continue, we will be able to continue testing all the way to the stage of unification we can make it clog wells,” he told reporters before Allen issued a statement

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