Rare plants in Indonesia

Rare plants in Indonesia.
Indonesia is very famous for its diversity of plant species. Even Indonesia is claimed as a country with a diversity of plant species number two in the world. Indonesian state is an invaluable store of wealth. But behind all this seemed to save the concern that among the diversity of plant species that we have it, some of which are already included in the criteria for rare plants or plant / endangered rare plants.

It is very regrettable that there are still many Indonesian people who are not aware that due to lack of concern of all people, rare plants in Indonesia slowly become extinct. Look at the cases of indiscriminate logging, illegal logging, buying and selling of rare plants, forest fires and others. Do all mankind that this kind of behavior causes rare plants will “disappear” from the Indonesian state

Here are some of the names of rare plants are protected in Indonesia, which should be protected and conserved.
1. Balam Suntai (Palaquium walsurifolium)
2. Pterospermum (Pterospermum sp)
3. Bulian Eusideroxylon zwagerí Ulin
4. Sandalwood (Santalum album)
5. Damar, Copal Keruling (Agathis labillardieri)
6. Durian (Durio Zibethinus)
7. Palm (Arenga pinnata)
8. Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus sp)
9. Hangkang (Palaquium leiocarpum)
10. Hongi / I (Myristica argentea)
11. Imba (Azadirachta indica)
12. Guava Monkey (Agathis Lalillardieri)
13. (Dyera sp)
14. Kapur Barus (Dryobalanops camphora)
15. Katiau (Ganna metloyauma)
16. Wood Onion (Scorodocarpus borneensis)
17. Kayu Hitam (Diospyros sp)
18. Yellow Wood (Cudrania sp)
19. Cinnamon (Cinnamomun burmannii)
20. Wood Sepang (Caesalpina sappan)
21. Frankincense (Styra sp)
22. Pecan (Dipterocarpus sp)
23. Keruling (Dipterocarpus sp)
24. Ketimunan (Timonius sericcus)
25. Skin Lawang (Cinnamomun cullilawan)
26. Ipil (Instsia amboinensis)
27. Red Night (Palaquium gutta)
28. Massoi (Cryptocaria massoi)
29. Blind eye / Garu (Excoecaria agallocha)
30. Cat’s Eye / Damar (Shorea sp)
31. Purnamasada (Cordia subcordata)
32. Chrysophyllum Kecik (Manilkata kauki)
33. Sonolkeling (Dalbergia latifolia)
34. Suren (Toona sureni)
35. Taker, Benuang (Duabanga moluccana)
36. Tembesu (Fagraea fragrans)


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