Merapi Virulence

Merapi is one – the only volcano in Yogyakarta Special Region. It is located about 30 km to the north side city of Yogyakarta and the peak shape of the plain of shifting sand, an area of about 4 hectares, with a few holes in the crater of one or two of them smoke denser, which is still active Merapi marking.

In this show virulence of volcanic mountains, the people of Yogyakarta will see a cloud of white smoke is gray or black – soaring upward, which looks from afar like a pile of wool. But if the mountain in a state of “calm”, the beauty so captivating, if the promotion of young people who want to conquer the mountain and adventure sports enthusiasts climb a mountain summit was.

Reaching the summit, no one way to achieve. The first road through the village about two miles east of Kinahrejo is Kaliurang recreation. The distance between the village at the summit of Merapi Kinahrejo only about nine miles, but this distance is usually taken within 10 hours because the ground is quite difficult to climb. But this very difficult area of interest for young people, because – on average their morale so high all the factors considered difficult to defeat as a challenge.

A simple way Boyolali Selo region, which lies between Mount Merapi Merbabu with mountains, in central Java province. Selo area can be reached by bus Kartosuro of Yogyakarta, near the lid. The evening was rather difficult Midian vehicle, it is proposed that, if you want to go to the acreage Selo before 13.00 hours.

It is recommended that the ascent to the summit of Merapi was to use the services of a guide or guides. If you are forced to stay, these guidelines offer a home for these purposes.

For those less interested in climbing to the summit, can still admire the beauty of Mount Merapi from Bebeng area about two miles southeast of Kaliurang town, or it can be seen in the Turi district, about five miles west of the city Kaliurang if you will clearly see the summit of Merapi in the distance can be Binoculars observers mailing Merapi in Plawangan Observer Kaliurang.


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